December by Design | E29

Do you have a love/like relationship with the holiday season? The last few months of the year are filled to the brim with parties and cookies, and gift-giving and receiving, joyous events and perhaps some family drama. Join us for a light-hearted discussion as to how to better manage your stress through this time of year.

And if you’re interested in learning how to make this holiday season a more relaxing and joyful few months, join us for our inaugural spotlight program. This month and going forward, we’ll pick a subject and do a deep dive for more intensified learning. We’ll assign homework (the fun kind) and commit to an action plan. Get ready for the magic of the season!

The Strangest Thing I've Done for Wellness | E26

We’ve done a lot in the name of health - some of them have been a bit out there. We feel it’s important to experiment and figure out what works for you. We talk through some Ayurvedic practices like tongue scraping and oil pulling, measuring your temperature to see how your body is reacting to foods, rolfing, and of course colonics and coffee enemas. We’ve had different experiences along the way with these and want to spur on a conversation.

Everyone Poops! | E23

Let’s talk about poop. It’s not the most pleasant topic to discuss, but so vital to understand and track to ensure we’re staying on top of our wellness. There are some key things to look out for and that you can do to ensure your digestion is moving along as it should. Warning that we’re going to be very open about this, so if it makes you uncomfortable, maybe best to move to another episode!

Myth Busters Part 1 | E16

Let’s debunk a few of the big and popular health myths! Finding definitive answers can be time-consuming and confusing, and professional opinions often change over time. Are juice cleanses healthy and good? What’s t deal with agave and salt? Can we out exercise a bad diet? We had fun preparing for this episode. What other myths would you want to debunk?

Meditation | E13

Today we talk about meditation and how to get some of its benefits into your life. Meditation can be a daunting topic and one that doesn’t feel feasible to incorporate into your already busy and hectic schedule. However, there are small things you can do to start incorporating meditation into your routine and therefore see the benefits over time. The goal as always isn’t perfection, it’s progress!

Vacation Re-Entry | E12

You just had a fabulous vacation with friends or family, but now you’re back at work and all of the relaxation you had has vanished. We talk through getting back into the swing of life after vacation without losing all of the benefits you found while getting away. Vacation re-entry - it’s a process!