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Friends for over a decade, we’ve always loved spending time together. As the opportunity came to get to work together on one of our biggest passions - being healthy and well - we couldn’t pass it up! Being parents, we’re always looking out for our family’s best interest. We realized that knowing what to do was often confusing. Information overload! There are so many messages out there about what we should and shouldn’t eat/drink/put in and on our bodies - it’s challenging and overwhelming to navigate! We decided we wanted to leverage our learnings and help others navigate their wellness journeys in a way that’s real, a way that works for them. A little help along the way is always a good thing.

We believe:

  • Being healthy doesn’t have to be hard - it can be fun!

  • Small changes make a big and lasting impact

  • We do the best we can and keep moving forward

  • Taking the time for yourself is the best (and quickest) way to give back to others

  • You won’t learn if you don’t experiment

  • Chocolate, wine, and margaritas are essential to life

We are each huge influencers in our households - how we treat ourselves is the best example we can set for our spouses and children. We want to nourish loved ones in a way to set them up for success throughout life and that starts with prioritizing our own self-care.We don’t aim to have everyone only eat salads and cucumbers for the rest of their lives - that would be a horribly boring and terribly impractical world! We want to help you figure out how to have your cake and eat it too (in moderation).


Stacey & Sarah

Stacey Vulakh

Stacey Vulakh

Growing up, Stacey was the go-to advice-giver for her friends. She’s spent her career helping others whether as a social worker or executive coach. In her perpetual quest to be the healthiest and most vibrant version of herself as possible, Stacey has turned being well into a full-time job, educating and coaching others to become their healthiest selves.

Stacey’s east coast roots topped off with her west coast lifestyle mean you can find her at the beach or in the mountains. Stacey is married to her college sweetheart, has twin elementary school-aged children and a dog named Charleston - all of whom require her to be constantly “on”.

Sarah Crawford

Sarah Crawford

Sarah lived a somewhat nomadic lifestyle growing up - living in the South of the US, Germany, England and The Netherlands with parents that rooted her in a holistic approach to life and wellness. She decided to return to the US to get her MBA, where she met her husband, Winston. They moved to Silicon Valley, where Sarah then worked in tech for 10+ years in companies such as Facebook and Yahoo. After years of learning her way through managing career, family and self, she realized the need for and benefits of having someone there to guide you through the process. 

She has 2 children that keep her busy on the weekends with active sport schedules - basketball, baseball and soccer are life! She loves eating a great meal with her husband and friends and getting out on the running trail or to a barre class for some “me” time.